Coronado Township

The names are listed in the order they appeared on the census. Please use your search or find function to look for an individual's name.

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Smith John C, 37, M, W, OH

Smith Susan, 30, F, W, IL

Graimes Clarence, 13, M, W, IA

Wikoff Ora, 39, M, W, IL

Wikoff Laura, 37, F, W, IL

Wikoff Jerni, 16, F, W, IL

Wikoff Evans, 14, M, W, IL

Wikoff Ida, 7, F, W, KS

Herr Wm, 31, M, W, MI

Williams Frank, 35, M, W, MI

Williams Bell, 31, F, W, MI

Williams Benjamine, 7, M, W, KS

Williams Mary, 4, F, W, KS

Williams ?, 0.1, M, W, KS

Johnston Harry, 37, M, W, PA

Williams George, 37, M, W, MI

Quint Joseph, 40, M, W, Russia

Quint Barbara, ?, F, W, Russia

Quint Margret, 15, F, W, KS

Quint Joseph, 13, M, W, KS

Quint Susan, 6, F, W, KS

Quint Magie, 5, F, W, KS

Quint Peter, 3, M, W, KS

Quint Barbara, 2, F, W, KS

Quint Amarle, ?, F, W, KS

Davis Harley, 49, M, W, NY

Davis Polley, 32, F, W, NY

Davis Ja?ner E, 25, M, W, WI

Davis Franck, 22, M, W, WI

Kitcendorn Andrew, 36, M, W, Russia

Kitcendorn Mary, 34, F, W, Russia

Kitcendorn Pioris, 16, M, W, Russia

Kitcendorn Leo, 15, M, W, Russia

Dirnfield H, 66, M, W, Prussia

Dirnfield C, 61, F, W, Germany

Dirnfield Theo, 31, M, W, WI

Dirnfield Daisy, 18, F, W, WI

Guetze Peter, 52, M, W, Russia

Guetze Cristene, 52, F, W, Russia

Guetze Joseph, 22, M, W, Russia

Guetze Michel, 19, M, W, Russia

Guetze Kati, 20, F, W, Russia

Guetze Mary, 14, F, W, Russia

Guetze Cristene, 10, F, W, Russia

Nicholson Amous J, 40, M, W, OH

Nicholson Mary E, 42, F, W, OH

Walker Jennie, 33, F, W, OH

Nicholson Fred, 17, M, W, OH

Griner Cloyd, 11, M, W, IA

Kritzer Al?ays, 54, M, W, Russia

Kritzer Margret, 53, F, W, Russia

Kritzer Millie, 18, F, W, Russia

Kritzer Antony, 17, M, W, Russia

Kritzer Aln???, 10, M, W, Russia

Earnst Ad??, 60, M, W, Russia

Earnst Anni, 58, F, W, Russia

Earnst Annie, 15, F, W, KS

P**mnel Annie, 4, F, W, CO

Pouel Henry, 51, M, W, Russia

Pouel Barbara, 54, F, W, Russia

Pouel Jacob, 19, M, W, Russia

Prungord Jacob, 19, M, W, Russia

Pouel Michal, 16, M, W, KS

Pouel Mary, 14, F, W, KS

Walker F A, 46, M, W, OH

Walker Amantha J, 40, F, W, OH

Walker Charlie, 14, M, W, OH

Walker Maud, 12, F, W, OH

Walker Anna, 7, F, W, KS

Holmer E C, 50, M, W, OH

Holmer Martha, 44, F, W, WV

Holmer Orin, 5, M, W, KS

Holmer Edna, 18, F, W, IL

Holmer Nora, 12, F, W, IL

Sparks L C, 43, M, W, IL

Sparks Anzella, 40, F, W, IL

Sparks Oto, 19, F, W, IL

Sparks I??a, 17, F, W, IL

Johnson Nicholson, 26, M, W, MO

Eisenhour W, 28, M, W, MO

Eisenhour Gene, 27, F, W, KS

Eisenhour Emmit, 4, M, W, KS

Eisenhour Bennet, 2, M, W, KS

Eisenhour Ira, 0.4, M, W, KS

Welch Barton, 26, M, W, MO

Welch Ata, 18, F, W, KS

Welch Demmon, 0.8, M, W, KS

Shafer Geo W, 30, M, W, IA

Brown M C, 48, M, W, IN

Brown Susie, 38, F, W, IA

Brown Linar, 22, F, W, IA

Brown William, 20, M, W, IN

Brown C A, 16, M, W, IN

Brown Lula, 14, F, W, IN

Brown Blanche, 11, F, W, IN

Brown Arvil, 6, M, W, MO

Kitchendorn Samuel ,12, M, W, Russia

Kitchendorn Mary, 7, F, W, Russia

Kitchendorn Nicholas, 4, M, W, KS

Baugh Alva M, 30, M, W, IN

Baugh Susan, 29, F, W, IN

Baugh Leland, 4, F, W, IN

Baugh Chester, 1, M, W, KS

Hall Jonah H, 37, M, W, OH

Frank Peter, 41, M, W, Russia

Frank Barbara, 40, F, W, Russia

Frank Lena ,16, F, W, KS

Frank Peter, 14, M, W, KS

Frank Limar ,11, M, W, KS

Frank John, 7, M, W, KS

Frank Barbara, 6, F, W, KS

Frank Mattie, 3, F, W, KS

Summeville John, 34, M, W, IL

Summeville H L, 26, F, W, VA

Kuhn Andron, 37, M, W, Russia

Kuhn Margert, 34, F, W, Russia

Kuhn John, 11, M, W, Russia

Kuhn Lawrence, 8, M, W, Russia

Kuhn Mary, 6, F, W, KS

Kuhn Maggie, 4, F, W, KS

Kuhn Andrew ,2, M, W, KS

Garner R C, 56, M, W, IA

Garner Susan, 54, F, W, VA

Garner S???er, 25, M, W, IA

Garner May, 17, F, W, IA

Sherrer Henry, 63, M, W, PA

Brown Geo W, 55, M, W, MO

Brown Margeret F, 50, F, W, MO

Brown Ida, 21, F, W, MO

Brown Allen, 18, M, W, MO

Brown Geo E, 17, M, W, MO

Millman J B, 48, M, W, IN

Millman Sarah, 40, F, W, IL

Millman Ray, 21, M, W, IN

Millman Jetty, 16, M, W, IN

Turner A C, 41, M, W, IL

Turner Maria J, 37, F, W, IL

Curly Spencer, 75, M, W, KY

Turner Ralph, 13, M, W, IL

Turner Earnest, 11, M, W, IL

Foutz J A, 36, M, W, IA

Cowels Fred, 29, M, W, IL

Cowels Edith, 22, F, W, WI

Cowels, Margurite, 0.9, F, W, KS

Souder Chas, 40, M, W, NJ

Souder S M, 38, F, W, MD

Souder Geo, 12, M, W, MO

Souder Leroy, 8, M, W, KS

Souder Pearl, 5, F, W, KS

Thra?? Herman, 36, M, W, OH

Wilcox H R, 61, M, W, NY

Wilcox Katie, 40, F, W, IL

Rich May, 10, F, W, KS

Rich Martha, 9, F, W, KS

Rich Flora, 8, F, W, KS

Rich Earl, 4 ,M ,W, KS

Doyle A M, 53, M, W, MO

Doyle Margret, 44, F, W, IL

Doyle El?i ,16, F, W, MO

Doyle Care, 14, F, W, MO

Doyle Ethel, 11, F, W, MO

Doyle Lillian, 6, F, W, KS

Doyle John H, 4, M, W, KS

Kna?? John W, 52, M, W, MI

Kna?? Lu?eda, 48, F, W, MI

Kna?? Fred, 18, M, W, MI

Hopkins E E, 50, M, W, IN

Hopkins Bella, 40, F, W, IN

Hopkins Bernie, 17, M, W, IN

Bough A B, 58, M, W, IN

Bough Harriet, 53, F, W, IN

Bough John W, 13, M, W, IN

Chinberg A C, 46, M, W, NY

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