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The names are listed in the order they appeared on the census. Please use your search or find function to look for an individual's name.

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Ford John C, 55, M, W, OH

Ford Maggie A, 52, F, W, IL

Ford Jessie L, 24, F, W, IL

Ford James T, 18, M, W, IL

Tribble R M, 28, M, W, TN

Tribble Bettie, 25, F, W, TN

Tribble Lessie H, 5, F, W, TN

Tribble Lizzie May, 3, F, W, TN

Tribble Estel O, 0.5, M, W, KS

Gorsuch William, 32, M, W, ??

Gorsuch Earl, 8, M, W, KS

Gorsuch Harry, 6, M, W, KS

Gorsuch Walter, 4, M, W, KS

Gorsuch Chester, 0.8, M, W, KS

Place W S, 85, M, W, IL

Place Isabella, 80, F, W, Isle of Alr?? England

Place W C, 11, M, W, IL

Place Chester A, 1.5, M, W, KS

Calhones W C, 49, M, W, OH

Calhones A E, 48, F, W, IN

Calhones Lillie M, 19, F, W, IN

Calhones H O, 18, F, W, MO

Calhones Orad?, 16, F, W, MO

Calhones B F, 10, M, W, KS

Calhones C E, 6, F, W, KS

Miles C W, 50, M, W, OH

Miles Elizabeth, 50, F, W, IN

Miles Peyton, 17, M, W, MO

Miles Burl, 14, M, W, MO

Clayton B F, 81, M, W, IL

Wheeler W T, 55, M, W, MD

Wheeler E A, 51, F, W, MD

Taylor N A, 38, M, W, OH

Taylor N B, 35, F, W, IL

Taylor W C, 12, M, W, MO

Taylor H N, 6, M, W, KS

Taylor J R, 6, M, W, KS

Gregry J F, 51, M, W, IA

Gregry Lou, 44, F, W, IA

Stevenson Minnie J, 24, F, W, IA

Stevenson Blanch, 7, F, W, KS

Stevenson Edman J, 4, M, W, KS

Moon G, 31, M, W, PA

Pugh T C, 33, M, W, VT

Pugh S J, 26, F, W, IN

Pugh Frank, 7, M, W, KS

Pugh Claud, 5, M, W, MO

Pugh Myrtle, 3, F, W, MO

Pugh Ruth, 1, F, W, KS

Chase A H, 46, M, W, VT

Chase Melissa, 42, F, W, VT

Chase H B, 10, M, W, IA

Farrell Rosa, 15, F, W, VT

Chase Effie N, 5, M, W, KS

Chase A H, 2, M, W, KS

Pugh Phil, 52, M, W, MO

Pugh Sadie, 42, F, W, IN

Pugh J K, 11, M, W, MO

Pugh H A, 5, M, W, KS

Moon A, 39, M, W, PA

Moon Magg? A, 34, F, W, PA

Moon G, 14, M, W, PA

Moon baby, 0.1, F, W, KS

Shermire Pleasant, 34, M, W, MO

Shermire M S, 23, F, W, MO

Shermire Charles W, 5, M, W, MO

Shermire Horace B, 3, M, W, KS

Bo?er Jarod M, 37, M, W, IN

Johnson L A, 44, M, W, Denmark

Johnson C R, 45, F, W, IN

Johnson J?ell, 18, M, W, IL

Johnson Laurah, 16, F, W, IL

Johnson Pearl, 13, F, W, IL

Johnson Opil, 12, F, W, IL

Reimheiner Peter M, 49, M, W, OH

Reimheiner Mime, 48, F, W, OH

Neff M W, 28, M, W, OH

Neff Colima, 28, F, W, OH

Neff Eva, 5, F, W, KS

Neff Araline, 4, F, W, KS

Henderson C C, 41, M, W, MO

Henderson A E, 40, F, W, MO

Henderson R, 18, M, W, MO

Henderson Carry, 14, F, W, MO

Henderson Clay, 12, M, W, MO

Henderson Ernest, 10, M, W, MO

Henderson Maud, 6, F, W, KS

Henderson Gilbert, 2, M, W, KS

Archibald W J, 45, M, W, PA

Archibald M M, 39, F, W, OH

Archibald Sadie, 17, F, W, IN

Archibald Daisy, 14, F, W, IN

Archibald Charles, 11, M, W, OH

Archibald Lester, 8, M, W, KS

Archibald George, 6, M, W, KS

Archibald Mrytle, 3, F, W, KS

Altaffer W E, 43, M, W, OH

Altaffer B A, 42, F, W, OH

Altaffer Os???, 15, M, W, KS

Altaffer Vina, 12, F, W, KS

Altaffer Ray, 6, M, W, KS

Manning M S, 51, M, W, NY

Manning Jane M, 51, F, W, CT

Brown Charles A, 42, M, W, OH

Booth C ?, 33, M, W, OH

Booth E L, 33, F, W, OH

Booth L C, 6, M, W, KS

Booth E E, 1, M, W, KS

Jenison E, 54, M, W, IN

Jenison L A, 53, F, W, IN

Jenison Mary L, 22, F, W, IA

Haines (Mrs) J R ,47, F, W, OH

Haines Rolina G, 24, F, W, KS

Haines Lon B, 18, M, W, KS

Haines Ethel ,11, F, W, KS

Allphine C R, 40, M, W, IL

Allphine L H, 37, F, W, IL

Allphine Clyde, 17, M, W, IL

Allphine Harry, 11, M, W, IL

Allphine Helon, 6, F, W, KS

Allphine Wayne, 3, M, W, KS

Presson ? A, 47, M, W, MA

Presson May, 42, F, W, IA

Presson Grace, 24, F, W, IA

Presson Otis, 21, M, W, IA

Presson Bert, 19, M, W, IA

Presson Franck, 12, M, W, IA

Presson Glen, 5, M, W, KS

Denning New??rn, 52, M, W, OH

Denning M J, 52, M, W, OH

Milford J B, 34, M, W, IL

Milford Clara, 30, F, W, IL

Milford George, 5, M, W, KS

Milford May, 3, F, W, KS

Milford Clara, 0.8, F, W, KS

Glenn Hugh, 30, M, W, Ontario

Glenn Nettie, 25, F, W, IN

Glenn Theo, 2, M, W, KS

Stratten W G, 72, M, W, KY

Stratten ?alithale, 74, F, W, IN

Foulston J O, 34, M, W, Canada

Foulston (Mrs) M J, 33, F, W, PA

Foulston R C, 5, M, W, KS

Foulston E, l3, M, W, KS

Foulston S, l1, M, W, KS

Roberts J S, 72, M, W, KY

Roberts L, 68, F, W, KY

Roberts Danial, 45, M, W, KY

Sypolt E B, 44, M, W, WV

Sypolt Eliza, 54, F, W, WV

Sypolt Claud, 19, M, W, WV

Sypolt Hugh, 17, M, W, PA

Sypolt Nettie, 15, M, W, WV

Foster J T, 62, M, W, OH

Foster M J, 61, F, W, OH

Foster E?sa, 22, F, W, OH

Allpine Henry, 68, M, W, KY

Allpine Hannah, 65, F, W, OH

McClung Saml ,62, M, W, Ireland

McClung Helen, 58, F, W, OH

McClung Maggie, 20, F, W, OH

McClung John, 19, M, W, OH

McMillan ? P, 39, M, W, OH

McMillan D J, 33, F, W, VW

McMillan R W, 1, F, W, KS

Martin I B, 37, M, W, PA

Martin Louisa, 29, F, W, IN

Martin Donald L A, 6, M, W, KS

Martin Jessie Antoinette, 4, F, W, KS

Martin Ruth, 2, F, W, KS

Callahan P E, 52, M, W, NY

Oldfield Oliver ,45, M, W, OH

Oldfield M C, 39, F, W, OH

Oldfield H D, 19, M, W, IN

Oldfield Bertha M, 8, F, W, OH

Reed A, 33, M, W, IL

Miles C R, 23, M, W, IA

Friar Fred, 34, M, W, NY

Friar Victor, 5, M, W, KS

Friar Anna E, 26, F, W, KS

Friar Chester, 2, M, W, KS

Triplett C S, 45, M, W, IN

Triplett A J, 35, F, W, WI

Triplett Sarah, 18, F, W, KS

Denning C J, 31, M, W, OH

Denning Blanch, 25, F, W, OH

Denning M M, 2, M, W, KS

Chubbuck W J, 38, M, W, PA

Chubbuck M C, 35, F, W, IA

Denning J A, 58, M, W, IA

Denning M J, 51, F, W, IA

Denning Paul, 21, M, W, IA

Allphin (Mrs) W O, 43, F, W, IL

Allphin Lue, 18, F, W, IL

Allphin Addie, 16, F, W, IL

Allphin Nellie, 14, F, W, IL

Allphin Edith, 2, F, W, IL

Hopper Aron, 28, M, W, Ontario Canada

Wright (Mrs) A, 25, F, W, IN

Somers (Mrs) Mary, 40, F, W, IN

Somers Verona, 78, F, W, VT

Somers C, 5, M, W, KS

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