Sinn Township

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Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Scott David C, 29, M, W, OH

Scott Maude E, 22, F, W, IA

Scott Cethil, 1, F, W, KS

Elder L L, 38, M, W, IL

Elder Adda, 26, F, W, IL

Elder Roy E, 9, M, W, KS

Elder Wil L, 5, M, W, KS

Elder S L, 3, M, W, KS

Elder H H, 2, M, W, KS

Turner M E, 45, F, W, NY

Turner G, 19, M, W, PA

Turner C, 11, M, W, IA

Turner G, 8, M, W, IA

Turner B, 6, F, W, KS

Crouch L H, 43, M, W, IA

Crouch Sarah, 41, F, W, IA

Crouch Ora, 17, M, W, OH

Crouch Harll, 3, F, W, KS

Crouch William, 31, M, W, OH

Krenzel Henry, 35, M, W, MO

Krenzel Katie, 32, F, W, Germany

Krenzel John, 8, M, W, KS

Krenzel Edward, 6, M, W, KS

Krenzel Herman, 5, M, W, KS

Krenzel Benjamine, 3, M, W, KS

Krenzel Leo, 1, M, W, KS

Eggers Annie, 15, F, W, KS

Eggers Henry, 13, M, W, KS

Webering C W, 34, M, W, England

Webering Adllia, 21, F, W, IA

Webering Louis, 4, M, W, KS

Webering Esther, 2, F, W, KS

Webering Emma, 1, F, W, KS

Krenzel J G, 30, M, W, MO

Krenzel Amellia, 22, F, W, MO

Harkens Michell, 57, M, W, Ireland

Krenzel F, 59, M, W, Germany

Krenzel Rebecca, 54, F, W, Germany

Krenzel Lena, 17, F, W, MO

Krenzel August, 15, M, W, KS

Krenzel Fritz, 12, M, W, KS

Krenzel William, 22, M, W, MO

Krenzel Louis, 26, M, W, MO

Thorn W, M, 70, M, W, IN

Brandner Henry, 52, M, W, Germany

Brandner Mary, 52, F, W, Germany

Brandner Emma, 19, F, W, Germany

Brandner Eddie, 10, M, W, KS

Brandner Gustan, 25, M, W, Germany

Brandner August, 22, M, W, Germany

Henderson W C, 44, M, W, Germany

Henderson Elira, 46, F, W, IL

Henderson Albranro, 21, M, W, IL

Watson Alex, 33, M, W, IL

Watson Harrett, 27, F, W, PA

Creager George, 38, M, W, IN

Creager Annie, 38, F, W, IN

Creager Ted, 14, M, W, IN

Creager Minnie, 10, F, W, IN

Creager Bessie, 2, F, W, KS

Brown A H, 33, M, W, WI

Brown Lorain, 34, F, W, IL

Brown Ethel, 11, F, W, CA

Brown Edith, 3, F, W, KS

Wren L K, 39, M, W, OH

Wren Katie, 35, F, W, OH

Wren Clarence, 33, M, W, MO

Orr Franklin, 42, M, W, OH

Orr Elvira, 41, F, W, OH

Orr W M, 20, M, W, IL

Hoyt W E, 28, M, W, NY

Hoyt Grace, 25, F, W, IL

Hoyt Vest G, 3, F, W, KS

Hoyt Cecie, 1, F, W, KS

Durham (Mrs) A C, 34, F, W, IA


Davis D L, 46, M, W, England

Davis Sarah A, 45, F, W, England

Davis Becky, 19, F, W, WI

Davis Rachel, 16, F, W, PA

Davis David, 13, M, W, OH

Davis Maggie A, 11, F, W, OH

Davis Bessie M, 6, F, W, KS

Davis Mary A, 4, F, W, KS

Sinn Charles, 48, M, W, PA

Graha? T M, 39, M, W, IL

Graha? Florence L, 33, F, W, MO

Graha? Maude, 13, F, W, MO

Graha? George, 12, M, W, MO

Graha? Claud, 9, M, W, MO

Graha? Carl, 6, M, W, KS

Graha? Ray, 1, M, W, KS

Burch W H, 42, M, W, GA

Burch Mary C, 41, F, W, IN

Burch Ellzy, 12, M, W, IN

Burch Thomas D, 10, M, W, KS

Burch W M, 9, M, W, KS

Burch Louis H, 2, M, W, KS

Palmer W M, 33, M, W, MO

Palmer Annie, 34, F, W, MO

Palmer John M, 11, M, W, MO

Palmer Charles H, 9, M, W, MO

Palmer Bertha L, 6, F, W, KS

Palmer Myrtel K, 4, F, W, KS

Palmer Georgie, 2, F, W, KS

Woill Julis, 46, M, W, Germany

Scott Oliver, 36, M, W, IL

Scott Mary E, 33, F, W, MO

Scott Nettie, 12, F, W, MO

Scott Ethil, 10, F, W, KS

Scott Ray, 7, M, W, KS

Scott Millie, 4, F, W, KS

Scott Carrie 0,.3, F, W, KS

Oldham W S, 40, M, W, TN

Oldham Dosia, 37, F, W, TN

Oldham Lee, 4, M, W, KS

Holla?d L H, 31, M, W, OH

Osborn L, 83, M, W, NY

Osborn Harriet, 38, F, W, IL

Osborn Frances, 1, F, W, KS

Hallenbeck L M, 37, F, W, NY

Roat Frank, 13, M, W, WI

Schwab Wm, 25, M, W, IN

Davis W J, 32, M, W, OH

Davis Hattie, 30, F, W, OH

Davis Milty, 9, M, W, OH

Chadborn H, 44, M, W, ME

Chadborn Hattie, 34, F, W, WI

Chadborn Mildred, 8, F, W, KS

Liggett L B, 27, M, W, OH

Liggett Hattie, 19, F, W, OH

Liggett Elsie 0,.6, F, W, KS

Stening L E, 34, M, W, IN

Stening Libbie, 28, F, W, IL

Stening Laura, 2, F, W, KS

Stening Robert 0,.3, M, W, KS

Bridgnan M L, 34, M, W, IA

Bridgnan Eva, 33, F, W, IL

Bridgnan Floyd, 7, M, W, KS

Seybert Oren, 35, M, W, IN

Seybert Lura, 26, F, W, IN

Seybert Earl, 3, M, W, KS

Seybert Carl, 2, M, W, KS

Seybert Ralph 0,.6, M, W, KS

Watterson Wm , 57, M, W, Isle of Man

Watterson Margret, 64, F, W, England

Watterson Charlotte, 22, F, W, OH

Sprigg W M, 53, M, W, England

Sprigg Kathrine, 55, F, W, Germany

Blubough L B, 33, M, W, OH

Blubough Annie, 24, F, W, MO

Blubough Mary, 5, F, W, KS

Blubough Henry, 3, M, W, KS

Blubough Albert 0,.5, M, W, KS

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