Sumner Township

The names are listed in the order they appeared on the census. Please use your search or find function to look for an individual's name.

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Rewarts T L, 56, M, W, Germany

Rewarts Frances, 44, F, W, Germany

Rewarts Sophia, 23, F, W, IL

Rewarts Annie, 21, F, W, IL

Rewarts Leonard, 19, M, W, IL

Rewarts Ada, 16, F, W, IL

Rewarts Charlie, 14, M, W, IL

Rewarts Tina, 11, F, W, IL

Rewarts Frances, 9, F, W, IL

Rewarts Thomas, 4, M, W, KS

Rewarts Theresa, 6, F, W, KS

Rewarts Fred, 1, M, W, KS

Kuhlman William, 46, M, W, Germany

Kuhlman Mina, 40, F, W, Germany

Kuhlman William, 17, M, W, Germany

Kuhlman Henry, 14, M, W, Germany

Kuhlman Carl, 12, M, W, Germany

Kuhlman August, 9, M, W, IL

Kuhlman Alvine, 6, F, W, KS

Kuhlman Harman, 4, M, W, KS

Kuhlman Fred, 1, M, W, KS


Kammer John, 35, M, W, Canada

Kammer Agngleine, 29, F, W, Canada

Kammer Antie May, 6, F, W, KS

Bittner John, 64, M, W, Germany

Bittner Lo?ies, 46, F, W, Germany

Bittner Carly, 19, M, W, IL

Bittner Willy, 17, M, W, IL

Bittner Jonny, 15, M, W, IL

Bittner Jenne, 5, F, W, KS

Crane Henry, S, 31, M, W, MO

Crane Mable, 30, F, W, IN

Georges Jola, 6, F, W, TX

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