Whitewoman Township

The names are listed in the order they appeared on the census. Please use your search or find function to look for an individual's name.

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Beggs Hugh, 51, M, W, Ireland

Biehn Moses D, 53, M, W, Canada

Biehn Sophia, 45, F, W, Canada

Biehn Ellen, 29, F, W, Canada

Biehn Henry, 22, M, W, Canada

Biehn Salvino, 17, M, W, Canada

Biehn Emma, 15, F, W, Canada

Biehn Moses, 14, M, W, Canada

Biehn Owen, 13, M, W, Canada

Biehn Dolbert, 18, M, W, KS

Biehn Malinda, 10, F, W, Canada

Biehn Harrson, 6, M, W, KS

Biehn Willing Leah, 2, M, W, KS

Graham J L, 37, M, W, WI

Graham Alis, 34, F, W, WI

Graham Blanch, 12, F, W, WI

Graham Scott, 10, M, W, WI

Graham Earl, 7, M, W, KS

Graham Elick, 5, M, W, KS

Graham ?ellen, 3, F, W, KS

Graham ?s?ce, 1, M, W, KS

B???ing James, 60, M, W, KY

B???ing Ew?eh A, 56, F, W, KY

B???ing ????, 18, M, W, KS

Wolton Frank, 32, M, W, NY

Wolton E?na, 34, F, W, PA

Wolton Eva, 9, F, W, KS

Wolton Ha?y, 7, M, W, KS

Wolton Mod, 5, M, W, KS

Wolton Frank Jr, 3, M, W, KS

Bear D S, 60, M, W, PA

Bear B A, 59, F, W, PA

Bear Lou, 16, M, W, IA

Crowford J P, 54, M, W, TN

Nixon S V, 33, M, W, IL

Nixon Elizabeth, 28, F, W, IL

Nixon John, 7, M, W, KS

Nixon George, 5, M, W, KS

Nixon Nellin, 5, F, W, KS

Nixon Gerturd, 1, F, W, KS

Nelson James, 45, M, W, Ireland

Nelson Mary, 38, F, W, NY

Nelson John, 18, M, W, KY

Nelson B??sy, 13, F, W, KS

Nelson Magey, 11, F, W, KS

Nelson Mu?ane, 7, F, W, KS

Nelson James, 5, M, W, KS

Nelson Flora, 3, F, W, KS

Nelson Ana, 1, F, W, KS

Lane T G, 40, M, W, TN

Lane Kate ?, 35, F, W, MO

Lane Curt?, 4, M, W, KS

Lane Henry, 2, M, W, KS

Lane Mary F, 0.7, F, W, KS

McBrida Wm, 45, M, W, IN

Mock Hiram, 52, M, W, PA

Mock Mary, 46, F, W, OH

Mock George, 20, M, W, IL

Mock Nilie, 18, F, W, IL

Mock Pearl, 10, F, W, OH

Appl Frank, 49, M, W, Austria

Appl Fritz, 19, M, W, Austria

Appl Daisa, 15, F, W, Austria

Appl Peter, 10, M, W, Austria

Appl Paul, 8, M, W, KS

Appl Frank, 5, M, W, KS

Ballard Asten, 42, M, W, MO

Ballard Louvir??, 30, F, W, MO

Ballard Nolia ?, 11, F, W, MO

Ballard Gorge B, 10, M, W, MO

Ballard Havey, 7, M, W, KS

Ballard Mont, 6, M, W, KS

Ballard Ed??? A, 4, M, W, KS

Ballard Vila A, 2, F, W, KS

Barns John T, 49, M, W, IL

Barns Carrie E, 49, F, W, TN

Barns W M, 19, M, W, IL

Barns Geor?? H, 16, M, W, IL

Barns Mattie, 14, F, W, IL

Robinson S A, 59, M, W, PA

Robinson M A, 48, F, W, NY

Robinson Edward A, 23, M, W, ??

Robinson T A, 19, F, W, IA

Robinson C E, 15, F, W, IA

Robinson N M, 13, F, W, IA

Robinson B, 11, F, W, IA

Robinson ???is S G, 9, M, W, IA


Underhill J A, 55, M, W, IN

Underhill S G, 50, F, W, IN

Underhill B C, 24, M, W, IA

Underhill C U, 19, F, W, IA

Underhill W F, 16, F, W, IA

Shelden E A, 32, M, W, IN

Shelden A E, 26, M, W, IN

Shelden S ?, 28, M, W, IN

Gib Nancy, 52, F, W, I?land

Gib Nora, 19, F, W, IL

Gib Thomas, 17, M, W, IL

Gib Darrl P, 15, M, W, IL

Gib Wm H, 10, M, W, IL

Widner John, 56, M, W, Switzerland

Widner Emma, 48, F, W, Switzerland

Widner Ernst?, 21, M, W, Switzerland

Widner Anna, 18, F, W, Switzerland

Widner Mary, 15, F, W, Switzerland

Freeland Clyde A, 25, M, W, IA

Freeland Mary A, 25, F, W, IA

??nson H B, 61, M, W, IN

??nson Virginia, 57, F, W, OH

??nson Auther, 18, M, W, IA

??nson G B, 16, M, W, IA

??nson D B, 10, M, M, IA

Freeland Frank P, 52, M, W, IL

Freeland Ann J, 52, F, W, IL

Freeland Bessie E, 15, F, W, IA

Freeland N E, 13, F, W, IA

Faning B G, 49, M, W, Canada

Faning N E, 43, F, W, IN

Faning Jesse G, 17, M, W, IL

Faning Ben W, 3, M, W, KS

Martenz S, 52, M, W, WV

Martenz Rachel, 64, F, W, WV

Craiger William, 47, M, W, Scotland

Mathes Thomas, 31, M, W, IA

Lamen Samuel M, 37, M, W, IL

Lamen Emma, 34, F, W, IL

Finley Rebeca, 57, F, W, PA

Finley David ?, 17, M, W, IL

Sebring Frank, 30, M, W, PA

Sebring ? A, 20, F, W, IL

Sebring Mod Ireen, 2, F, W, KS

Dearn R B, 57, M, W, IL

Dearn E E, 44, F, W, IN

Willis George, 47, M, W, Canada

Willis Eliza, 45, F, W, Canada

Willis Wm, 21, M, W, MI

Willis Ana, 19, F, W, MI

Willis Bursh, 16, M, W, MI

Willis Harry, 11, M, W, MI

Willis M???et B, 3, F, W, ??

?imes Shu???, 28, M, W, IA

Clayton ? F, 29, M, W, IL

K??ac Arther, 40, M, W, KY

K??ac Hugh, 37, M, W, KY

K??ac W M, 27, M, W, IA

Warrick Daniel, W, 37, M, W, PA

Nison James, 58, M, W, Holland

Nison Elizabeth, 53, F, W, IL

Barger Daniel S, 28, M, W, KY

More Henry, 64, M, W, OH

Ayer John L, 41, M, W, NJ

Parrish Steven W, 60, M, W, MD

Parrish Elizabet, 57, F, W, MD

Parrish Walter M, 23, M, W, ??

Parrish Ada, 14, F, W, MO

Ingram Phillip, 33, M, W, MO

Ingram Catherine M, 23, F, W, MI

Wilcox Sue E, 17, F, W, KS

Wilcox Mary, 27, F, W, MI

Shelton E C, 35, M, W, IN

Shelton E M, 31, F, W, OH

Shelton Edwina, 9, F, W, KS

Shelton Garland, 7, M, W, MO

Shelton Laura, 6, F, W, KS

Appl Aleckanor*, 23, M, W, Austria

Johnston Wilson J, 66, M, W, OH

Johnston Rachel, 62, F, W, OH

Henry Lafeyett, 22, M, W, MO

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