Yates Township

The names are listed in the order they appeared on the census. Please use your search or find function to look for an individual's name.

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birth Place

Crane Geo N, 56, M, W, OH

Crane Sarah, 58, F, W, VA

Crane Sallie, 17, F, W, MO

Crane Ella, 12, F, W, MO

Crane Pearl, 10, F, W, MO

Tippton H H, 52, M, W, KY

Tippton C, 52, F, W, KY

Tippton Mary, 29, F, W, KY

Tippton ?e?el, 20, M, W, MO

Tippton Author, 18, M, W, MO

Tippton Joseph, 17, M, W, MO

Tippton Bessie, 16, F, W, MO

Tippton ? L, 14, M, W, MO

Campbell, 9, M, W, MO

Scott John H, 37, M, W, IA

Scott Emily, C, 35, F, W, MA

Scott C F, 11, M, W, IA

Scott D W, 9, M, W, IA

Scott M M, 7, M, W, KS

Scott J A, 2, F, W, KS

Scott Mary 0, 1, F, W, KS

Turner David H, 23, M, W, PA

Gokan Lammart, 40, M, W, Germany

Gokan Seabolt, 19, M, W, Germany

Basye Edmond, 45, M, W, MO

Sheldon W S, 40, M, W, IN

Sheldon L E, 22, F, W, IN

Sheldon P W, 39, M, W, IN

Scott H A, 35, M, W, IA

Scott C E, 24, F, W, PA

Scott Lloyd S, 6, M, W, KS

Scott Laura M, 4, F, W, KS

Scott Lyndia L, 3, F, W, KS

Scott Frank M, 23, M, W, IA

Scott S B, 68, M, W, IN

Scott M, 63, F, W, IN

Scott W A, 33, M, W, IA

Scott Loueller, 24, F, W, IL

Scott Ethyl S, 2, F, W, KS

Bean Wilson D, 45, M, W, IL

Bean J L, 16, F, W, IL

Bean N S, 13, F, W, IL

Ewing Henry R, 38, M, W, MO

Ewing L C, 36, F, W, IL

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