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The Wichita County Genealogical Society will present a pioneer certificate to a direct descendant of a person who lived in Wichita County prior to 1910. This lovely certificate will be suitable for framing. The Application (form #1) and the Pedigree Chart (form #2) will be published in a book by the society and will be available for sale. These, along with the other proofs, will be placed on file in the Wichita County Genealogical Society. This will help to preserve the name of your ancestor for future generations, along with preserving the history of our county.


1. To receive a PIONEER CERTIFICATE, you must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who lived in Wichita County before Jan. 1, 1910.

2. The applicant must be able to prove descent with an official record or some other acceptable source of proof, such as;

  Census record


  County history

  Birth, marriage or death records

  School or church records

  Newspaper clippings

  Any other record showing proof.

3. The applicant does not have to live in Wichita County or ever lived in the county.


Complete the application form to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer, leave it blank or put in a question mark (?).

 Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete Certificate Application (.pdf document) form.

  2. Complete a Pedigree Chart (.pdf document).

You will need Adobe Reader to use the two above forms. If you do not have this on your computer, click here:

  3. Make photocopies of your sources of proof. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL RECORDS! On census records, make sure the year, page & county are on the copy of the record. Copy the title, author, and page number from any printed material.

  4. You must show PROOF FOR EACH GENERATION back to the pioneer, showing a connection from one generation to the next.

  5. You may submit as much additional information for the record as you would like such as names of other children, war records, places he has lived, etc.

  6. Make check out to Wichita County Genealogical Society for $7.50. Send to P.O. Box 1561, Leoti, KS. 67861.

You may make application for as many Wichita County Pioneers as you would like.

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