Wichita County History Volume 1 Index References

- Y -

Yakel: (Sister), Anna, August, Fred, George, Julius, Marie

Yale: A. W. (Rev.)

Yardley: Kenneth

Yeager: Taswell Curtis Jr.

Yetter: Mollie

Yotter: Ann, Bill, Diane, Edward Earl, Gary Ross, Helen Louise, Joseph, Joseph B., Louise (Mrs.), W. J. (Mr./Mrs.), William Dean, William J./W.J.

Youger: (Mrs.)

Young: G. M. (Rev.), Horner, M. W.

Younger: (Mr./Mrs.), Barbara, Cecelia, Elizabeth, Frank P., John, Martin W., Tony

Youngman: (Grandmother)

Yount: Helen

Yousey/Yowsey: Lela (Paine), Mae/May (Heath) (Morrison), Vernon

Youtsey: Melissa

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