Wichita County History Volume 2 Index References

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Yager: Frank W., James, Leslie, Linda (Payne), Naomi (Harkness), S. Bernice (Hahn), Shauna (Hill), Thomas

Yago: Pat

Yates: Cluster D., E. D., Mildred, Ocie (Walters), Thomas C., Wilma

Yeager: Taswell C. Jr.

Yost: George N., Lisa/PA, Ruth (Clark)

Yotter: Betty (Armstrong), Dianna, Edward E., Gary, Helen, Louise (Kirk), William D./Dean, W. J./Bill

Yotter Insurance Agency

Young: Alberta, Allyson (Graff), Bessie (Jay), Brittany, Dale, Earl, Emeleana (Hoss), Gerald, Howard, James, Marjorie, Michelle, Will

Youngblood: F. D./Buck

Youngblood: Buck's Welding

Younger: Barbara, Cecelia, Clarence, Elizabeth, Felix, Frank, John, John F., Lucy, Magdalina (Dreher), Margaret, Martin W., Mary Barbara, Ralph, Tony

Younger Grocery Store

Youngman: Ida

Youngquist: Benjamin/Ben, Debra (Homan), Justin, Kenneth/Ken, Kristin,

Yu: Harry/Dr.

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