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Duck Creek Township

The township history material was taken from the Historical Atlas of Wilson County Kansas published in 1881, and submitted by Bill Bentley.

Duck Creek Township. - This township was created April 3d, 1871, being erected out of Fall River tp., and a special election for choosing township officers held twelve days thereafter. This election was held at H. H. Garner's store and fifty votes were cast. Geo. C. Reed was elected Trustee; H. P. Bromagen, Clerk; O. Gatrel, Treasurer; H. H. Garner and C. M. Case, Justices; J. Mallatt and W. L. McGinnis, Constables; Amos Adkinson, Road Overseer. The first settler was Caleb P. Stockwell, who located with his family Nov. 18th, 1868. In 1869, Peter Welch, Thos. Moons, Q. Garner, Joel Anderson, Jerry Ridenour, Wm. Fitch, H. H. Garner and Geo. C. Reed moved in and took claims on Duck creek. The number of settlers was increased in 1870 by the arrival of J. W. Moulton, Geo. Bagley, Jas. Moore, Wm. Watkins, J. M. Thacher, Caleb Shear, Jonathan Spellman, C. Meyer, A. Schroder, Ireson Olinger, Wm. Mallatt, Amos Adkinson, the Gilbert brothers, and others. In 1871 the immigration continued and all good claims to be found were settled on. Mary Stockwell was born May 8, 1869 - the first native. L. H. Jones preached the first sermon at the house of Henry Iman on Christmas, 1870. H. H. Garner opened a store at his place in the fall of 1870, and Jurett P. O., with Garner as P. M., was established April 5, 1871. In April, 1871, W. T. Butcher opened a store in the house where he is now living, and Jurett P. O. was moved thereto in 1873 and Butcher appointed P. M.

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